100% Sustainable & Traceable Sea Fare Pacific Wild Albacore Tuna


Available in:


Sea Salt

Hand packed on the Oregon Coast
with a pinch of sea salt to
enhance the amazing taste of wild,
Northwest-caught Albacore tuna.

Albacore-No Salt

No Salt

With no added salt, this healthy
taste is great for those sensitive
to sodium levels and a must have
for the pure at heart!


Olive Oil

Infused with extra virgin
olive oil during cooking, this
100% traceable Albacore tuna
has a smooth, delicately rich
gourmet flavor that appeals to
the most discerning palate!

To meet the diversity of customer needs, Sea Fare Pacific offers a variety of Albacore tuna choices – Sea Salt, No Added Salt, and with Olive Oil. Whether consumers are focused on taste, flavor or a healthy lifestyle, these offerings fit the bill!