Troll-Caught Wild Albacore

Sea Fare Pacific is committed to sustainable fishing habits, which is why we only offer troll-caught Albacore along U.S. shores. This prevents over-fishing as well as the unfortunate consequences of bycatch (catching unwanted fish like dolphins and turtles). Our troll-caught Albacore come from the shores of Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. For more information on fishing methods and why Sea Fare Pacific has chosen to sell only wild, troll-caught Albacore, visit:

Monterey Bay Aquarium


The Pouch

Canned tuna has been popular for more than a century—sometimes canned in mom’s kitchen, but more often purchased at the grocery store. As popular as this container has been, we have come to realize it is taxing on resources and energy when producing. In response, Sea Fare Pacific has chosen to package wild caught Albacore in a pouch—preserving mom’s home-canned taste with a more environmentally-friendly container.

We are often asked a couple of questions about the pouch which you may share: 1) What about the concerns with food cooked in plastic?, and 2) can the pouch be recycled? Just like the can, the pouch is primarily a metal-based container with Aluminum foil at the center of its four layers. Many aluminum containers are then lined with BPA, however this is not the case with the Sea Fare Pacific pouch.

The answer to the second question is “no,” the pouch cannot be recycled. But even without the ability to recycle the pouch, the pouch still leaves a significantly smaller environmental footprint than the can. Cans require more raw material and consume more energy in transportation and storage making the benefits of the pouch far outweigh its lack of recyclability.

American Caught, Prepared, & Packaged

Albacore tuna that is caught along the shore of the United States is very different than Albacore caught in the South Pacific. American tuna are younger, smaller, and don’t have the heavy metals in their systems like the older, larger Albacore that are more commonly caught by other brands in the South Pacific. These fish often dwell deeper in the ocean and therefore require different catching techniques. They are then processed overseas by cooking away much of the fish’s natural Omega3 goodness—leaving a fraction of the taste and nutrition for shipment back to the U.S. By choosing Sea Fare Pacific, you will find a more nutritious Albacore that is free of the mercury concerns and has travelled a much shorter distance to get to your grocer’s shelf. Plus you are supporting American fishing families when buying Sea Fare Pacific!